• Arizona Winter School 2015

    Arizona Winter School 2015

    Speakers for AWS 2015: Arithmetic and Higher-Dimensional Varieties have been announced. Visit http://swc.math.arizona.edu for details.
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  • Behind the Math Standards

    Behind the Math Standards

    William G. McCallum, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at the University of Arizona, led a 51 person team (comprised of research mathematicians, state education department representatives, and teachers) in developing the Common Core Standards for Mathematics. In an interview with Education Week, Professor McCallum discussed the thinking behind various components of the math standards, and addressed some criticisms of the framework.
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  • The Arizona Mathematics Road Show flies to Poland!

    The Arizona Mathematics Road Show flies to Poland!

    Dr. Bruce Bayly was the keynote speaker and only grown-up presenter at the Polska Akademia Dzieci (Polish Academy of Kids) annual conference in Gdansk on June 2nd, 2014. Over 500 children ages 6-12 took part in activities that included artistic and athletic events as well as scientific presentations.
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  • Welcome Back Dr. Marta Civil!

    Welcome Back Dr. Marta Civil!

    We are very happy to announce that Dr. Marta Civil will be returning to the Department as the 1st Roy F. Graesser Chair in Mathematics. Marta specializes in Mathematics Education. She works mostly in teacher education and equity in mathematics education. In particular she focuses on a socio-cultural approach to the mathematics education of ethnic and language minority students (school age and adults). We will welcome her back this Fall.
  • Congratulations to our Advising Specialist

    Congratulations to our Advising Specialist

    Congratulations to our Advising Specialist Cheryl Ekstrom on her College of Science Staff Advisory Council Star Award. The award is given quarterly to an outstanding staff member in the College of Science. Thank you, Cheryl, for all your hard work and dedication to the department and to the students of the University of Arizona!
  • Want to Help?

    Want to Help?

    The University of Arizona Department of Mathematics appreciates any donations to support its activities. Donors can donate to the department or direct their gifts to specific efforts by identifying a particular program, activity or existing endowment.
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