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I have moved to URochester. Please use dinesh.thakur(at)rochester.edu to contact me. This web page is no longer updated. Refer to Rochester page.
Departmental homepage (My Teaching, Masters and PhD students, local talks etc.)
Book: Function Field Arithmetic
Book: Cyclotomic Fields and Related topics (Co-editor and Contributor)
Book: p-adic Geometry (Co-editor)
Link to Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry and Arizona Winter School
I am serving on the editorial boards of the following journals and look forward to receiving interesting papers for these journals


Here is a link for .pdf files of published final versions of some papers:

Final versions in pdf

I plan to put all .pdf files soon, meanwhile will send others by mail/email on request. Warning: The email versions may not be exactly the same as the published versions. In particular, page numbers etc. will be wrong, so that email versions should not be used for the reference. For misprints etc. see update file.

How to contact me :