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Harry W. and Janet Sine Lusk Awards Endowment in the Mathematical Sciences - Travel Scholarship


This conference travel award aims to support conference travel for undegraduate math majors.  Anyone may gift to this endowment. The endowment that funds the award was established by Professor Duncan Buell, a UA Mathematics alumnus, in honor of his grandparents. Harry and Janet Lusk graduated from The University of Arizona in 1912 and 1911, respectively. 


Harry and Janet Lusk graduated from The University of Arizona in 1912 and 1911, respectively. Their three children also graduated from the UA, making theirs the first family all of whose members were UA graduates. Dr. Buell, grandson of Harry and Janet, continued the tradition by receiving a B.S. in Mathematics from the UA in 1971. He subsequently received a M.A. (University of Michigan) and a Ph.D. (University of Illinois), both in mathematics.

Application Information

Eligibility: Non-graduating Mathematics Majors
Frequency: Varies
Amount: Varies
Application Period: Ongoing

Awarded to US citizens or Permanent Residents majoring in Mathematical Sciences.  Beginning in 2016, the award funds are to be used to help fund travel to conferences for undergraduate math majors.


Past Recipients

  • Swetha Atluri, Spring, 2017
  • Elizabeth Hannah, Spring, 2017
  • Victoria Sanders, 2017 - Travel Scholarship
  • Joshua Abrams, 2016 - Travel Scholarship
  • Craig Gross, 2016 - Travel Scholarship
  • Courtney Leligdon, 2016 - Travel Scholarship
  • Alexander Prescott, Spring, 2015
  • Alexis-Jane Torre, Spring, 2015
  • Laura Vonessen, Spring, 2015
  • Greg DePaul, Spring, 2014
  • Axel Gomez, Spring, 2014
  • Cheryl Cheah, Spring, 2013
  • Shloka Desai, Spring, 2013
  • Emily Y Huang, Spring, 2013
  • Cassandra Lejoly, Spring, 2013
  • Riley Sullivan, Spring, 2013
  • Taylor Corcoran, Spring, 2012
  • Christian Gentry, Spring, 2012
  • Aurya Javeed, Spring, 2012
  • Matthew Hall, Spring, 2008
  • Alex Henniges, Spring, 2008
  • Sarae Beal (Hatch), Spring, 2007
  • Brendan Fry, Spring, 2007
  • Matthew Moore, Spring, 2006
  • Peter Gross, Spring, 2005
  • Tyler Robinson, Spring, 2004
  • Ed Carter, Spring, 2002
  • Joshua Green, Spring, 2002
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