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Graduate Program

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As a student at Arizona, you will get a very well-rounded education suitable for many mathematically oriented careers. Additionally, you will benefit by:

  • Financial support for five or six years though research, teaching, and internships.
  • A unique Sonoran Desert location in the heart of the historic Southwest.
  • A strong academic program including:
    • a rigorous foundation in core mathematics: algebra, analysis, and geometry-topology
    • a second-year research experience (RTGs)
    • a variety of research specialties, encompassing the creation, application, and teaching of mathematics.
  • A nationally recognized tradition of innovation in teaching and curriculum development

Create, Apply, and Teach Mathematics!

At the University of Arizona you will create mathematics, collaborating with an internationally recognized faculty in research tutorial groups, seminars, and ultimately in a thesis or dissertation. You will teach mathematics and become part of the Arizona tradition of excellence and innovation in mathematics education. You will have the opportunity to apply mathematics in the setting of a company or a national lab during a summer or semester-long internship.

Research Specialties

Mathematical research at Arizona is carried out in a wide variety of fields, including the following:

  • Algebra and Geometry
    • Group Theory
    • Number Theory
    • Topology and Geometry
  • Analysis
    • Analysis and its Applications
    • Dynamical Systems
    • Geometric Analysis
    • Mathematical Physics
  • Applied Mathematics
    • Computational Science and Numerical Analysis
    • Fluids and Mechanics
    • Mathematical Biology
    • Nonlinear Waves
    • Optical Science
  • Education
    • Mathematics Education Research, Teacher Preparation, and Outreach
    • Undergraduate Education
  • Probability and Statistics
    • Probability
    • Statistics

All of these groups are strong, but those in non-linear waves, mathematics education research, and number theory are particularly well known. You can read more about research opportunities here.

Excellence in Teaching

Arizona has long been known for excellence and innovation in teaching undergraduates. As a TA at Arizona, you will have full responsibility for your class, including lectures, homework and exam preparation, and assignment of grades. You will benefit from an extensive collection of TA training and mentoring resources and you may choose to teach more advanced courses or become involved in outreach programs to local schools. You can read more about teaching opportunities.

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