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Preparing For Your Math Placement Exam

In order to improve placement, can review by using ALEKS Learning Mode, or can review on their own.


ALEKS is a powerful artificial-intelligence based assessment tool that zeros in on the strengths and weaknesses of a student's mathematical knowledge, and then reports its findings to the student. ALEKS Learning Mode provides the student with a learning environment for bringing knowledge up to an appropriate level for course placement. Some students can improve UA ALEKS assessment scores after working in learning mode. Others may need to take a class.

Students can purchase 6 week access to ALEKS Learning mode for $32 through McGraw Hill (not UA). Instructions on how to do this are given below. First, find out more about ALEKS Learning Mode. Students who use Learning Mode will need to retest if they want to place into UA math or improve placement. Access to Learning Mode is available on step 4 below. 

Accessing ALEKS Learning Mode

Please note that Learning Mode is not used for placement. 


You access UA ALEKS Learning Mode through the screens similar to the ones used for testing. If you are asked for a course code, please exit ALEKS and access the link on the final step below.

  1. Read through the ALEKS FAQ's.
  2. You must have a UA Net ID and Password.
  3. Once you access the link to the UA ALEKS Learning Mode below, you will need to follow these instructions:
    • Learning Mode is available for 6 weeks for a $32 fee. Follow the steps to purchase an access code online through the McGraw Hill, by clicking on the purchase access code online link.
    • Under Mathematics, select ALEKS Math (6 Weeks) $32.
    • Since you are taking this for University of Arizona, select Arizona for State, and select the first University of Arizona (Receiving) listing under school.
    • Enter your 20 character Access Code, if it is not automatically entered for you, and proceed through learning mode.
    • You may be prompted to take an assessment. This assessment is not used for placement, but is to give you a starting point in Learning Mode. If you are not given an initial assessment, the system may pull in your original placement test for this assessment. Following completion of your assessment, if required, you will see the ALEKS pie chart with your assessment results. You can choose topics from this pie chart to work on in Learning Mode. As you master topics from the course content, your pie chart will be progressively filled in. You should try to progress as far as you can through Learning Mode. If you want to try to place into UA Math after successfully progressing through learning mode, you will need to retake the UA ALEKS Online Assessment. You can return to your account at any time in the 6 week period.
  4. Access Learning Mode Here
  5. If you have technical problems, see the ALEKS Support and Troubleshooting information. For other questions, please refer to the information in the FAQs or contact the Math Department .
  6. Students should progress to a score higher than the minimum requirement score for placement into a UA Math course. Learning Mode is not used for placement. For testing information, refer to the Math Placement Testing website.

Renewing ALEKS Learning Mode

If your 6-week account expires and you still wish to review some more in ALEKS, you may extend your account.  When you log in to ALEKS as you have been, you should see the Learning Mode for whichever exam you were preparing (Prep for College Algebra or Prep for Calculus) listed in the Inactive courses for ALEKS.

  1. From the dropdown menu beside the course name, choose "Renew access to this class".
  2. Select "Purchase an access code" from the right side of the page, and complete the billing information.
  3. Should you need the 10-character access code for the course, enter:
    • 9MKKW-QRQYV for "Prep for College Algebra" OR
    • TCXPT-4KEL9 for "Prep for Calculus"
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