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G-Strand (Math 105) Math Requirement

Each UA major has a math requirement, which is determined by the major. Please refer to your major and degree requirements, or consult your academic advisor if you have questions about what course to take to satisfy your UA General Education Math Requirement.

Students may satisfy the Math 105 or PHIL 110 requirement through placement. Please see rules below.

  • In order to satisfy this requirement, the test must be administered on the UA campus, per Proficiency and Exemption Exam Procedures and General Regulations stated in the UA General Strand Math UA Policies in the UA catalog. The test will be administered through the UA Testing Office on behalf of the UA Mathematics Department.
  • The student can take the examination twice during the student's first year at UA. Contact the Math Placement Office . This will not be extended beyond the student's first year at UA.
  • There is a fee $41 for taking this test.
  • A score of 88% or higher is required on the UA ALEKS Prep for College Algebra Test, or 65% on the UA ALEKS Prep for Calculus test administered through the Testing Office.
  • Please consult the Testing Office website for dates, times, and other information.
  • Contact the Math Placement Office or your Academic Advisor if you have additional questions.
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