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Math Eligibility for Online Campus Transfer Students

Important Information and Quick Links - FOR ONLINE CAMPUS TRANSFER STUDENTS ONLY

Please read this page before emailing or calling the Math Department.  Email is the preferred form of contact so students can get information in writing. You will be expected to read through this information before contacting us.

Most UA Online Campus students will take PHIL 110, Math 100, Math 112, or SBS 200 to satisfy the foundation math requirement. Some other courses may be available.  PHIL 110 does not have a math placement test requirement, but only applies to certain majors. Please verify your requirement through your advisor or Degree Search.

Transfer students need to determine whether or not the Math Placement test is required. There is a fee for testing.


  • Do you have a transfer math course or other Math Credits? If you have math transfer credit, you may still be blocked from registering for a course.  The course has to be recent AND the correct prerequisite in order to allow you to register.  In these instances, you may need to contact the Math Placement Office to update your placement, if applicable.  First, read through the information below.  Check the table below to see if you may have completed the prerequisite for a Math course SBS course. 
  • Do I need to test? If you are done with your foundation math, then no test is required. However, if you are not done and need to take Math 112, then you need to test.  Transfer students usually take SBS 200 or Math 116 after Math 112.
Course Registration Requirement  

Test Score
Prep for Col Alg,


Test Score
Prep for Calc


Other information

Math Dept Approved Prerequisite or
Transfer Credit
(taken within last 18 months) . NOTE: If your transfer course is not listed here, it may not apply as a prerequisite. 
MATH 100AX 0-29% 0-24% Many students take a review course like Math 100AX before taking Math 100. n/a
MATH 100 30-70% 25-50% Many students take a review course like Math 100 before taking Math 112. n/a

MATH 112
55-100% 45-100% Entry is through placement test only Students who take Math 100 must place into Math 112 through the final exam to be eligible.
MATH 116 88-100% 65-100% Most students first take Math 112. However, if MATH 116 is required and you place into it, you can skip Math 112. Math 112 or Math 120R.
SBS 200 88-100% 65-100% Most students first take Math 112. However, if SBS 200 is required and you place into it, you can skip Math 112. Math 112 or higher level algebra based courses like Math 120R, 113, 122B, etc.
PHIL 110 n/a n/a Make sure this is the right course before enrolling.  PHIL 110 is not a prerequisite to Math 100, 112, or SBS 200.

Information about other courses is available.

  • Technical Difficulties with the Test: go to Next Steps Center "Print and Read before testing" document or check the Troubleshooting website.

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About the UA ALEKS Online Math Placement Test

 Incoming students take their first attempt at the Math Placement Test through the Next Steps Center as long as it is prior to the first day of classes.

Students are to take this test without the assistance of any persons, textbooks, online materials, or any other assistance, as if it is a proctored test. The only calculator allowed is the built-in calculator provided with the ALEKS program, and other calculators are not allowed. Any violation of this will be considered cheating and a violation of the UA Code of Conduct. There are can be serious consequences to artificially high placement testing scores. It is important to make an honest attempt at the test. Once you complete the test, your score is final regardless of any technical difficulties you may encounter during the exam.

The UA ALEKS Online Math Placement Test is not a timed test. However, ALEKS is not accessible with screen reading technology. Please contact the Disability Resource Center at (520) 621-3268 or with questions or concerns.

College Math Credit by Exam

    • Exam Score Credit Awarded

      Other information

      AP AB or AB subcores 3,4,5 Math 125, Calculus I, will substitute for Math 112 or 116. Prerequisite to SBS 200.
      BC  3 Math 125, Calculus I, will substitute for Math 112 or 116. Prerequisite to SBS 200.
      BC 4,5 Math 125 and 129 , Calculus I and II. Math 125 will substitute for Math 112 or 116. Prerequisite to SBS 200.
      Statistics 3 Math 163, Basic Statistics Satisfies SBS 200.
      Statistics 4,5 Math 263, Intro to Statistics and BioStatistics Satisfies SBS 200
      CLEP Calculus with Elementary Functions 50 Math 125, Calculus I (will substitute for Math 112 or 116). Prerequisite to SBS 200.
      CLEP College Algebra 50 Math 112 Prerequisite to SBS 200.
      IB HL (no credit for SL) 5 Math 120R and 125 Prerequisite to SBS 200.

 If you have credit for math through a different exam, contact the Math Placement Office.

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