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UTA Program for Math Majors

Welcome to the UTA Program for Math Majors (Calculus I and above)!

We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2017 UTA Program. Please see the application page for more details. Contact Gabriela Jaramillo or Lidia Mrad if you have any questions.   

Gabriela Jaramillo

Gabriela Jaramillo

Postdoctoral Research Associate I
Lidia Mrad

Lidia Mrad

Postdoctoral Research Associate I










The UTA program provides undergraduate math majors with the opportunity to learn about teaching mathematics by working with an instructor of an undergraduate course and meeting regularly as a group with a mentor. Duties include participating in the weekly UTA seminar, running review sessions, grading, holding office hours, possible classroom demonstrations, and a few hours a week of tutoring.

For a participant's perspective on this program, check out the testimonials or the final reports from past UTAs.

Duties of the participants in the UTA Program include:

  • Attending a one-time UTA training and orientation
  • Participating actively in the weekly UTA Seminar
  • Meeting weekly (or bi-weekly) with your mentor instructor
  • Working approximately 7 hours per week with the course; possible activities include:
    • Holding office hours
    • Leading review/study sessions
    • Helping and assisting with in-class group work
    • Facilitating class projects
    • Proctoring exams and quizzes
    • Writing study guides, notes, practice problems, and creating homework keys
    • Grading
  • Working approximately 2 hours per week in the Mathematics Tutoring Center (MTL 121)
  • Writing a report at the conclusion of this experience suitable for publication on the Department of Mathematics web-page

Credit and pay

Beginning in Fall 2017, all undergraduate teaching assistants will participate in the program for a mixture of credit and pay.

  • Participants will earn 1 unit of upper-division elective credit; the credit will count toward graduation totals, but will not fulfill any requirements for the math major. The course will use alternative grading (S, P, F), and will therefore not impact students' GPAs.
  • Participants will also earn $11.50/hour for up to 7 hours of work per week during the 15 week semester.
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