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How MoMath got Math into a Museum

How MoMath got Math into a Museum

Series: Mathematics Colloquium
Location: Math 501
Presenter: Glen Whitney, National Museum of Mathematics

In designing the National Museum of Mathematics, naturally lots of different mathematics showed up in the exhibits themselves: some well-trodden, like curves of fastest descent, and other less familiar, like optimal pentagonal tilings of the plane. But interesting mathematics also showed up in other, perhaps less expected ways: in answering the questions visitors ask, in figuring out how to build the exhibits, and in figuring out what questions to ask the visitors. We'll take a look at an example of each of these circumstances, touching on topics that range from calculus to combinatorics. (POST-TALK RECEPTION: ENR2 Slot Canyon Cafe, 5:15pm)

(Tea served in First Floor Commons Room at 3:30pm.)

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