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Do A Little Every Day

Do A Little Every Day

Series: Mathematics Colloquium
Location: Math 501
Presenter: Rosalie Belanger-Rioux, Harvard University

There are many reasons, moral or practical, why we need to diversify our mathematics departments — and more generally STEM departments — at all levels. But how do we go about pursuing this daunting and difficult goal of supporting diversity in mathematics? In this talk I will try to convince you that doing a little every day goes a long way, as I have experienced at my institution. My preswntation will center around various initiatives my colleagues and I started, most rather small and manageable. The two main threads of discussion will be: changes made to our courses, our teaching and our curricula; and changes made to our department, such as information sessions, discussion groups, trainings. But there is a synergy between these two seemingly separate worlds that can be harnessed. Similarly, we have gained a lot by bringing together undergraduates, graduate students and faculty in joint efforts that benefit every member of the department. I will discuss many ideas on how to get started, get support, get funding if needed, and how to maintain momentum — and how these could be applied in your department as well. And perhaps most importantly, I will talk about the importance of finding out from our underrepresented students and faculty what they need. In this talk the term diversity will be used very broadly, along various axes: race, gender identity, economic status, learning style, disability, sexual orientation, etc.

(Tea served in First Floor Commons Room at 3:30pm.)

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