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PROOF: Madness and Math

PROOF: Madness and Math

Series: Public Event
Location: Theater Arts Tornaben
Presenter: Bruce Bayly, UA Math

Winner of both the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award, PROOF follows Catherine, daughter of a brilliant but mentally disturbed mathematician as she tries to come to grips with how much of her father's madness or genius she will inherit after his recent death.  The return of her controlling sister and the flirtations of Hal, a former graduate student, complicate matters.  After Hal discovers a groundbreaking proof among Catherine's late father's papers, the struggle is on to find out who really wrote it.

Post-show: Dr. Bruce Bayly of the UA Math Dept will lead a discussion of how and why math is often associated with eccentricity or craziness.  Historical figures will include Archimedes, Fermat, Newton, Einstein, Ramanujan, Erdos, Nash, Perelman, and Moriarty.

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