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Please note that this event has been cancelled!

The dynamics of an oil slick spreading on water surface

[CANCELLED] The dynamics of an oil slick spreading on water surface

Series: Modeling and Computation Seminar
Location: Math 402
Presenter: Guangyu Hui, Program in Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona

The motivation of this study arises from modeling oil spilling on the sea. Since the scale of offshore oil production and ocean transport of oil has increased rapidly, oil spilling has also become one of the frequently happened industrial accidents. Understanding the dynamics of oil layer on the ocean is helpful to controlling the spilled oil and preventing it from polluting more areas once an accident happens. 

In this talk, I will first introduce a classic model developed by Buckmaster in 1973, which studies the spreading process of an oil slick on steady water surface. Based on this classic model, we modify its boundary conditions by applying a linearly increasing flow to the free stream in the water. A numerical simulation of this modified model will be shown. 

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