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Series: Tripods
Location: ENR 2 S230
Presenter: Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu, Metropia

Tomorrow's TRIPODS seminar speaker is Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu, the founder of Metropia, "Metropia Synergy brings together real-time information, predictive algorithms, and behavioral economics to influence personal travel choices and help agencies manage transportation systems operations", and its one industry partner of TRIPODS. 
Dr. Chiu will give one-hour talk (11:30-12:30pm, ENR@ S230) first about the company's vision, mission,  projects and challenges.Then the Metropia team will meet TRIPODS members in the following hour (12:30-1:30pm, ENR2 S375) to identify future projects for collaboration and address specific questions about their data and projects. Please attend both meetings to explore potential opportunities working with Metropia.
PS:  Starting from this week, our seminars will be moved a new larger room in ENR2, S230. Also, pizza and coffee will be served at 11:20 to avoid traffic during the seminar.

(Refreshments will be served.)

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