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Series: Tripods
Location: ENR 2 S230
Presenter: Dr. Thomas Matheson, National Optical Astronomy Observatory

Title: ANTARES: Astronomical Time-Domain Discovery in the Era of Big Data.

Time-domain astronomy is in the midst of a revolution, with large-scale
surveys detecting events at an unparalleled rate. Discoveries of
new and exotic objects abound. The traditional techniques of handling
each detection individually will not scale to the current and future
production.  In just a few short years, the Large Synoptic Survey
Telescope (LSST) will begin operations in Chile.  At that point,
time-domain event production will jump by at least a factor of a
hundred.  The ANTARES project is a joint venture between the National
Optical Astronomy Observatory and the University of Arizona Computer
Science Department to develop a software infrastructure system to
process time-domain events automatically at the scale and rate LSST
will generate.  I will describe the system, illustrate some filtering
processes, run a demonstration, and outline the path to an LSST-scale

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