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Inquiry-Based Learning in College Mathematics

Inquiry-Based Learning in College Mathematics

Series: Mathematics Instruction Colloquium
Location: ENR 2 S 395
Presenter: Patrick X. Rault, University of Arizona. Associate Professor & Program Director of Mathematics for UA South

Active learning strategies have gained significant endorsements in recent years, most notably from the NSF with a 2014 press release titled “Enough with the lecturing” and a 2016 CBMS statement from the presidents of the major mathematics organizations.  The latter explicitly cites Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL), which is a subset of active learning in college mathematics.  Laursen et al’s team of researchers have studied IBL in depth, which has led to a newly accepted definition of IBL as anything which focuses on the following twin pillars:

1.     deep student engagement in rich mathematics;

2.     opportunities for students to collaborate (with peers and with the instructor).

In this talk-workshop for faculty and graduate students, we will engage in a short activity to help us think about student learning in depth.  We will also view examples of various styles of IBL and see what resources are available for getting started.

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