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Voice Thread

Voice Thread

Series: Mathematics Instruction Colloquium
Location: ENR 2 S 395
Presenter: Cheryl Ekstrom and Blake Hamrick, Academic Support Coordinator (CE), UA Online Math 100 Coordinator (BH)

Online meeting rooms are a great way to communicate with your students, but they require everyone to be available at the same time.  Threaded discussions allow for asynchronous conversations, but bring their own problems: it is very difficult to write math in a standard discussion forum, and written communication is often unclear and/or misread.  Enter VoiceThread: a threaded discussion that allows for video, voice, text, and mark-up.  VoiceThread (VT) is available to everyone at the UA via D2L.

This talk will introduce VT, showcase some of its major features, show how it has been used in UAOnline, and get you started with VT.  If you'd like to try VT hands-on, bring a laptop or mobile device to the talk.

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