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Becoming a Mentor in the UTA Program for Math Majors

We are looking for instructors (Calculus I and above) who are interested in mentoring and developing the teaching skills of an undergraduate teaching assistant. It is important that the mentors provide their UTA with a robust (teaching) experience by giving them many diverse opportunities to work with the course and interact with students. Mentors should have brief regular meetings with their UTA to keep the lines of communication open, and allow for the UTA to ask questions about their experience (we suggest weekly meetings). More information about the UTA Program for Math Majors can be found at

If you are interested in mentoring a UTA, please fill in the on-line form below.

What activities do you plan to have your UTA help with?(Select all that apply)

Note: Please note that while it is acceptable to have a UTA do some grading, this is *not* the focus of the program: it is important that instructors are willing to be teaching mentors to their UTAs, and provide them with a robust teaching experience by giving them a variety of opportunities to work with the course and with students.

If there is a specific potential UTA applicant you would like to mentor, please enter their name in the field below.

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