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This web page was designed to assist students enrolled in Math 112 at The University of Arizona. Click on the links below to find out about course information, policies, syllabus, and more.

Midterm 1 Material:

The following study aid is designed to be used as a review of topics and problems which will be covered on Midterm Exam 1.

   Midterm 1 Study Aid

The first midterm exam will cover the first 5 sections:

Location of the Math 112 Common Midterm:

   Math 112 Midterm 1 Room Locations

Imporant information about Midterm 1 Exam:

   Midterm 1 Exam Information

Study strategies for Midterm 1 Exam:

   Study strategies for Midterm 1 Exam

Help with MyMathLab:

If you are having difficulties with MyMathLab, please read the Troubleshooting Guide

***One of the most common "issues" is a pop-up blocker in a web browser. Make sure you allow pop-ups! You may need to do this after your web browser updates throughout the semster.

Course Materials:

The following course materials are required for Math 112:

The SPECIFIC Course Policy for your Math 112 section should be made available to you by your instructor

   Fall 2017 General Course Policies

   List of Math 112 Topics

University Tutoring Services (Think Tank):

   Think Tank Tutoring (Free!)

University of Arizona Homepage

   UA Homepage

Course objectives, topics covered and requirements for students:

   Course Profile

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