Learning Technologies and Mathematics Middle East Conference
Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman
March 31-April 2, 2007

CONTRIBUTED TALKS (alphabetical)
Mofeed Abumosa Using GSP in Discovering a New Theory 
Ghada Alobaidi Teaching BVP's with Technology: a Sample Class 
Wadia Al-Shameri The "Mathematics and Science Teacher Education Reform in Yemen" (MASTERY) Project  
Rajaa Al Talli A Mathematics Crash Course: "Is the Math Path Right for You?"  
Mohammed Aref Fast Fourier Transformation of Vibration Signals using Microsoft Excel  
Thomas Bier Can GAP4 be Used in (Under- or) Graduate Teaching of Algebra? 
Fouad Chaatit
Abdelkrim Marzouk
Quantitative Skills Assessment at a Liberal Arts College, AUI as an Example 
Rama Chandra Prabhu Chadalavada On Endeavoring to Find a Relationless Relationship Between Mathematics and Civil Society Within the Framework of Universal Design for Learning: A student-Centered Approach  
V. S. Damodharan
V. Rengarajan
Innovative Methods of Teaching 
Maha El Hariri The Difficulties Facing Technology Integration in Math Education in Lebanon  
Kubais Fahady A Computational Approach for Mathematics Teachers' Training Programs  
Nancy Fahnestock Study on Appropriateness of Interactive Mathematics Software 
Mary George Interdisciplinary Programs Involving Mathematics 
Salah Haggag Computer Algebra Systems in General Relativity  
Mohammed Azhar Hussain Teacher Training in Mathematics 
Abdul Huq From Discrete Mathematics to AI applications: A progression path for an under graduate programme in Math 
Anvar Kacimov
Ishak Al-Anqoodi
Interdisciplinary Programs Involving Mathematics:
From permeameter experiments to optimal shape design using Mathematica: teaching module in Fluid Mechanics (SWAT4310), Groundwater Hydrology (4400) and Special Problems (4900)}  
Nakhshin Karim
John Wakefield
Experiences in Developing a Quantitative Reasoning Program for Students at Zayed University  
Sebti Kerbal Learning Mathematics in General Foundation Program: Proposed Omani Initiative 
Suheil Khoury The Computer Algebra System Maple as a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Calculus 
Ion Mierlus-Mazilu Learning Objects for Java Programming Language  
David Moran
Hazel Owen
Transforming Students' Approaches to Learning and Applying Mathematics  
Narayanan Ramachandran Developing Double Major Programmes with Math as one: Challenge and Response 
James Scully e-Learning of the English for Basic Mathematics 
Sean Stewart The Traditional Calculus Sequence under Mounting Technological Change 
Ramanathan Subramanian Dynamic Learning with Kinetic Connections 
John Taylor Mathematical Modeling and Mathematica: A Case Study  
P. G. Thomaskutty Mathematics and Civil Society  
Ustymenko Vasyl Teaching Cryptography with Mathematica Package 
Adil Yousif Personal Experience on Online Mediated Learning Courses Both at Qatar and Maryland University 

Invited Talks
Contributed Talks

Invited Talks
Contributed Talks