The purpose of this page is twofold. One purpose is so that I can have a library of resources that I can always find with short descriptions to help determine quickly if it is the resource I am looking for or not. Another purpose is so that others might find something here useful as well. Note that not all of these resources were created by me; such resources are indicated by an asterisk (*).














Algebra Worksheet 1 [pdf]*


Provides a good algebra review for students of calculus and precaclulus. Emphasizes evaluation of functions, solving for unknowns, evaluating difference quotients, simplification of algebraic expressions, correct/incorrect section emphasizing common mistakes by students. Requires knowledge of rules of logs and exponents.




Algebra Worksheet 2 [pdf]*


Provides a good algebra review for students of calculus and precalculus. Emphasizes simplification of algebraic expressions and solving for unknowns. Requires knowledge of rules of logs and exponents.




Power Point Presentations






Cutting up the Two Holed Torus (pc) [ppt]

Cutting up the Two Holed Torus (mac) [ppt]


Mr. Super Torus Guy describes how a two holed torus can be cut up, resulting in a polygonal representation. The polygon is further cut and glued together to arrive at the standard representation of a torus by an octagon with identifications. The torus is cut up three different ways. The process is described both pictorially and algebraically.


The original version was made on a PC so I was able to color the MathType text white. The mac version has a lighter background so the default, black MathType shows up.




Implicit Differentiation [ppt]


A short power point presentation emphasizing the chain rule part of implicit differentiation. Compares the derivatives of the top and bottom parts of the unit circle with implicit differentiation of the formula x^2+y^2=4.




Introduction to Circular Functions [ppt]


A three slide power point presentation introducing circular functions. Watch a point travel around a circle face on, from the side, and over time to trace out the shape of a circular function resembling the sine/cosine functions.




Computer Programs






permutationreps [gi]


This code, part of my MS project is a program designed to run in GAP. The main idea is to run the function PermReps(<group>, <prime>) with an input of a group (from the Atlas library) and a prime. The function then returns a redundant free list of the simple modules (over the field of two elements) composing the permutation representations of the group over the finite field of characteristic prime containing all of the irreducibles. This code requires the packages AtlasReps and Chop (which I believe is still a work in progress) to run. I will potentially be updating this description and the code as I continue work on my MS thesis.




Letís Make a Deal [exe]


A simple program in C simulating the famous Monty Hall Problem. Play the game yourself or choose from two strategies (pick a door at random or always switch) and indicate the number of games you want the computer to play for you. Summarizes your winnings at the end of play. Will you win more cars or goats?










Symmetries of the Square [pdf]


Two folds of an 8.5x11in paper gives a 5.5in square with colored corners on both sides to help study the symmetries of the square.