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Jesus Acosta-Iriqui

Graduate Student

Bio: Jesus got his undergraduate degree in Public Accounting from Universidad del Noroeste in Sonora Mexico in 1995. Before he decided to change to an education major in 2004, he worked as an accountant for about 10 years. Jesus got his Master's degree in Bilingual/multicultural education from The University of Arizona in 2006. While in the program in fall of 2005 and in spring of 2006 he was a teaching assistant for LRC 416-Structured English Immersion, a class for which he has been an instructor since summer 2006.

As a CEMELA doctoral fellow at the University of Arizona since the fall of 2006, his research has been focused on work with Mexican parents (mostly) attending mathematics workshops to be able to better help their children in mathematics. In addition, Jesus has recently been doing research at an elementary school in Sonora Mexico with the objective of getting a better understanding of the conceptions of teachers about the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Affiliation: UA
Telephone: (520) 319-6628