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June 23-27, 2008

About the CEMELA School

The CEMELA School is an integral part of the education and research experience of CEMELA’s graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. PIs, faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, advisory board members, and Fellows from other CLTs will join together in an intensive five-day school consisting of three short courses, research presentations, and meetings of CEMELA-wide research teams to continue working on collaborative site projects.

The three short courses offered this summer are:

  1. Investigating Latino Family Contexts for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
    • Instructors: Martha Allexsaht-Snider, U of Georgia, Marta Civil, UA, and José María Menéndez Gómez, UA
  2. Mathematics Assessment and ELLs/Latino Students
    • Instructor: Richard Kitchen, UNM
  3. Course on Mathematics: An Elementary Introduction to the P-Adics
    • Instructor: Taliesin Sutton, UA

The CEMELA School will be held from Sunday, June 23, 2008 (evening) to Friday, June 27, 2008 (ending at 5 pm). You should plan on arriving Sunday, June 23, 2008 and departing on Saturday, June 28, 2008. Our session will begin Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. with a welcome dinner and plenary speaker, Dr. Carol Lee. Please check the posted schedule for more information about the week and all of its events.

Make sure to visit the website regularly for short course information, readings and updated schedule information.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Safe travels,
The UA CEMELA School Team

About Tucson

Tucson is located in southern Arizona, about 60 miles north of the US/Mexico border. Tucson is in the Sonoran desert and is surrounded by mountains, including the 9100-foot high Mount Lemmon. It is also one of the oldest settlements in North America and enjoys a rich mix of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures.

The Insider's Guide to Tucson has an excellent web site and the city's visitor page has many interesting links. Try the Arizona Guide site for more information about other parts of Arizona.