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CEMELA School 2007

June 21-26, 2007
Chicago, Illinois

Hello Fellows,

This is a quick note about the upcoming CEMELA School-II: Language and Mathematics Among Latinos/as to be hosted this year by the University of Illinois at Chicago. To find out more information about accommodations, transportation, or to see a tentative agenda, please visit

The CEMELA school will be held from Thursday, June 21st through Tuesday, June 26th, 2007. You should plan to arrive on Wednesday, the 20th and depart on the 27th since the last day of the school will be scheduled as a full day of work. We will have an informal reception the night of everyone's arrival (JUNE 20TH). The reception will be held in the Thomas Beckham Hall (TBH), the same building where we will be staying and having most of the school's meetings. The meeting rooms in TBH are spacious with lots of windows and some have very nice views of the city.

Also, very soon we will be asking each site again for a list of everyone who will be attending the school and if there is someone or a group of people with whom you would like to share an apartment. This is important information for us so we can finalize housing arrangements with UIC. There are 4-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments, but in all of the apartments there is a common kitchen, sitting area, and bathroom/s. Each bedroom is for one person and has its own lock, desk, and closet. If you are interested in viewing the apartments, here is a link to TBH's website

Finally, a draft of the school's agenda will be ready and sent to everyone very soon. We have attached a document describing the school's goals, objectives, guidelines, and course content. The last page of the file explains the "Data Analysis Asssignment for Fellows." It should help you begin thinking about how to prepare for this task.

Take care and please let us know if you have any questions.

Susan Kolian and the UIC CEMELA Team

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