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CEMELA Research Symposium

January 16 & 17, 2009
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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    Research Presentations
  • Latina/o Studentsí Beliefs About Mathematics, Learning Mathematics, and Their Sense Of Agency (Power Point)
  • How Principals at Predominantly Hispanic Schools Conceive of Their Leadership Roles in the Implementation of Reform Mathematics (Power Point)

    January 18-20, 2008
    Santa Cruz, California

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    Guest Speakers

  • Guillermo Solano-Flores, PhD
  • David Pimm, PhD

    Research Presentations

  • Student Resistance in a Fifth-Grade Mathematics Class
  • The School Context and its Relation to Mathematics Achievement and English Language Heterogeneity among Latino Youth
  • Conversations around Mathematics Education with Latino Parents in Two Borderland Communities: The Influence of Two Contrasting Language Policies
  • Language, Mathematics and Teaching English Learners: Preservice Teachers' Responses on a High Stakes Performance Assessment

    Poster Presentations

  • Acosta-Iriqui, J. Transnational and Borderland Research: Sonora-Arizona
  • Dumitrascu, G. "Lesson study: A Site for Teachers? Professional Growth and Use of Instructional Innovations in ELL Classrooms."
  • Kisunzu, P. Ross, K. & Gutiérrez, R. CEMELA Mathematics Classroom Observational Protocol (Pilot): A Focus on Language.
  • Lopez-Leiva, C. & Wiley, C. "Families Uncovering Community Resources for Strengthening Mathematics Skills."
  • Marshall, M. Mathematical Problem Solving and Discourse Development Among Spanish-Speaking Primary Grade Students.
  • Musanti, S. Language and Mathematics Problem Solving: Exploring the Complexities of Bilingual Teachers' Growth
  • Romero, R. "Equal Sign."
  • Trujillo, B. "Principals' Perceptions of their Roles in the Implementation of a Reform Mathematics Curriculum in Predominantly Latino Schools."
  • Zahner, W. & Moschkovich, J. The Organization of a Group Mathematics Discussion in a Middle School Classroom.
  • Vomvoridi-Ivanovic, E. "Latino/a Undergraduate Facilitator's Reflections on Language and Mathematics."

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