M313 Linear Algebra

Table of Contents

1 Announcement

There will be no lectures on Friday 1/27, Monday 1/30, or Friday 2/3. There will be class on Wednesday 2/1 at the usual time.

There are four sets of videos for these days. Each one will have an associated gradescope assignment. The videos are posted now, but the assignments are staggered.

2 Tutoring

If you have questions, you are welcome to email me. I also recommend stopping by the Math department's free tutoring service, which is offered daily in Math 220. A schedule is available here.

3 Lecture: Inverse Matrices

3.1 Additional Reading

Section 2.2 in Lay

4 Lecture: LU Factorization

4.1 Additional Reading

Section 2.5 in Lay

5 Lecture: Symmetric Matrices and the Transpose

5.1 Additional Reading

For Symmetric Matrices and the Transpose, see Section 2.1 in Lay.

The LDU factorization is not covered very well in Lay. Although I discussed it in lecture and it will be on the homework, it will not be included in any exams.

6 Lecture: Vector Spaces

6.1 Additional Reading

For Real Vector Spaces, Subspaces, and Span, see Section 4.1 in Lay

For the Column Space of a matrix A, see Section 4.2 in Lay

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