Math 406B – Methods in Teaching Secondary School Mathematics


Lesson Development Assignments

An Algebra I lesson and a Geometry/Middle School lesson – 80 points each

Algebra lesson is due the week of October 24

Geometry/Middle School lesson is due the week of November 14


The purpose of these assignments is for you to develop two lessons, each using a different mode of instruction.  One lesson should be designed for an Algebra I class and the other for a Geometry class.  If you anticipate someday wanting to teach at the middle school level, you may substitute the Geometry lesson with a lesson appropriate for 7th or 8th grade.

For each lesson you are going to select a section from a textbook for the course and then develop your lesson from the topic in the section.  One lesson must be a guided discovery lesson.  The other must be a combination of lecture and small group work.  (Your guided discovery lesson may also include group work.)  You can decide which lesson you’ll use for which class/course.  At least one or your lessons must make use of


Ø      Manipulatives – hands-on materials


Ø      Technology – computers or calculators


Your plan for each lesson must include:

·        Course/Grade level  (1 pt)

·        Topic/Content of lesson  (1 pt)

·        Standard(s) and Performance Objective(s) for the lesson  (4 pts)

·        Do-Now/Fast Five/Etc. exercises or motivational activity  (8 pts)

·        Instructional Procedure  (50 pts)

·        Check for Understanding  (5 pts)

·        Summary/Closure  (5 pts)

·        Assignment  (4 pts)

·        Resources and Materials  (2 pt)


Included in each lesson should be the anticipated time needed for each part.  You may assume a class period is approximately 50 – 55 minutes long (unless you want to prepare a lesson for a block-schedule day, in which it can be 90 minutes).  If the topic/content of the section in the text cannot be adequately taught in one day, you may make your “lesson plan” for more than one day.

With each lesson, include a copy of the textbook pages the lesson is covering and the assignment page if problems and/or exercises are taken from the text.