Fellow Profile: Alex Young

Alex Young
  • G-TEAMS Cohort: 2013-14
  • Graduate Program: Applied Mathematics
  • Teacher Partner: Tatiana Kolesikova
  • School: BASIS Tucson North
  • Grade level: 11-12
  • Topics: Multivariable Calculus

"The mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry, and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful."
- Aristotle

Research Interests

Alex Young is a graduate student in the Program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona. His research interests include statistical mechanics, stochastics, and dynamical systems.

See Alex Young's website for more information.

Classroom Activities

Alex has been working with Tatiana Kolesikova at BASIS Tucson North. For the first time, BASIS Tucson North has offered multivariable calculus as a mathematics capstone course for its students. Tatiana was charged with teaching this course and Alex has been assisting her. Together, they have taught lessons, reviewed homework with the class, and developed instructive visualizations in MATLAB and Mathematica. Most importantly, they have end-of-chapter projects which are comprised of more complex problems from the preceding chapter. These projects require the students to think more deeply about material from each chapter, to submit clear written solutions, and give presentations to their classmates.

Lessons Learned

Working with Tatiana at BASIS has taught me many things, but above all, it has shown me that students are capable and understanding far more than state or national standards require. Tatiana and all the teachers at BASIS hold their students accountable and as a result, the students become self-motivated and invested in their own education. It has also been very helpful to see how she manages the classroom when she has 25 or more students. In general, lecture comprises a small portion of each class, as she uses the majority of the class to get students discussing problems, working on problems, and checking solutions from previous assignments.

Teaching Materials