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Prospective Teachers

Program Overview

G-TEAMS (Graduate Students and Teachers Engaging in Mathematical Sciences) is a fellowship program that pairs University of Arizona graduate students with mathematics K-12 teachers and their students. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the program provides an innovative and dynamic opportunity for graduate students and teacher partners to collaborate on the development of novel, rigorous and relevant material for K-12 mathematics courses.

The program funds one-year partnerships between fellows and teachers, each sharing different perspectives and expertise. An overarching theme of the G-TEAMS activities is to promote the understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications to practical and realistic settings, by means of a variety of resources, such as simulations, modeling, and hands-on and problem-solving activities. By participating in the program, fellows learn how to communicate mathematical ideas to diverse audiences and to incorporate their research into K-12 learning; they become familiar with a variety of teaching techniques; and they increase their understanding of K-12 educational issues. Teacher partners are involved in professional development workshops and appreciate how mathematical concepts may be applied to a variety of situations. K-12 students learn about the wide variety of possibilities offered by STEM disciplines by interacting with individuals who are planning a career in the mathematical sciences.

Fellows will be prepared for their classroom experience through special training sessions and a weeklong Summer Institute, which participating teachers also attend. The experienced management team, led by Dr. Virginia Horak, Dr. Joceline Lega, and Dr. William McCallum will work closely with fellows and teachers throughout the school year.

The G-TEAMS partnership will also provide professional development for teachers, who will be exposed to cutting-edge research and see how research professionals interact with mathematics and its applications.


Roles of Fellows and Teachers

GK-12 fellows are a resource to teachers and students but are not student teachers. Their roles and responsibilities vary depending on the teachers and students they are working with as well as their expertise and experience. The teacher and fellow pair collaborates to structure curriculum units as well as plan, deliver, and assess mathematics lessons. Fellows and teachers assume the following sorts of responsibilities.

Fellows: Responsibilities and Expectations

Teachers: Responsibilities and Expectations

Application Information

Middle and high school teachers of mathematics apply individually for a one-year collaboration with a graduate Fellow. Each selected teacher will receive $1,000 for attending the mandatory Summer Institute plus $3,500 for collaboration with their graduate fellow during the following school year.
Total stipend amount for middle and high school teachers: $4,500 each.

Elementary (K-5*) teachers are invited to apply as a two-person team, due to the unique nature of elementary classroom schedules. Please include in your application a description of how you will structure the partnership in a way that effectively utilizes a fellow. Typically, fellows are at school two days a week for 4-5 hours per day. Think creatively about how you would utilize a mathematics expert, given that you may not be doing direct instruction in mathematics for the entire time they are there. Elementary school teachers receive $1,000 each for attending the mandatory Summer Institute plus $1,750 for collaboration with their graduate fellow during the following school year.
Total stipend amount for elementary school teachers: $2,750 each.

* Note to 6th grade teachers at elementary school sites: please follow the instructions for elementary school teachers, unless you teach primarily mathematics and science.

Required application materials

  1. Online application form.
  2. A two to three page letter of interest in which you describe why you are interested in working with a G-TEAMS Fellow. This letter should be submitted online, as part of your application form. Please address/include the following:
    • - How you see yourself and your students benefiting from working with a Fellow.
    • - A brief summary of the mathematics topics you teach throughout the year.
    • - A short description of your school, student demographics, special characteristics and/or programs.
    • - A short description of available technologies at your school (e.g. white boards, number of computers in your classroom, etc).
    • - For Elementary School teams, please describe how you anticipate structuring the fellowship in terms of how/when the Fellow might work with each teacher on the team.
    • - For Elementary teachers, how a Fellow might support mathematics activities and instruction at your school.
    • Tip: Help us to visualize the experience a G-TEAMS Fellow will have if they collaborate with you and work with your students.
  3. A signature page, to be sent by email, regular mail, or fax.

Important Dates


If you have any questions about the G-TEAMS program and/or application, please contact Mary Bouley (520-370-1900, marybouley@cox.net). Thank you.