Dr Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arizona in the group theory working group. Before this I held the following posts:

Want To Know What I Do?

Together with my colleague Eugenio Giannelli we wrote the following "Snapshot of Modern Mathematics from Oberwolfach". It is an accesible, short, introduction to the representation theory of finite groups aimed at the level of an advanced high school student.

Recent Output

Preprint versions of all articles, together with links to the published versions, are available on the papers page.

Research Interests

My main research interests are in Deligne-Lusztig theory. One overall aim of this theory is to understand the representations of finite reductive groups using geometric methods. In particular I am interested in:


I completed my PhD at the University of Aberdeen, in the department of Mathematics. I started this endeavour in October 2008 and finished in April 2012 under the supervision of Meinolf Geck, who tried to keep me out of as much mathematical trouble as possible. The focus of my PhD was on unipotent supports for ordinary characters of finite reductive groups with a disconnected centre.

I did my first degree at the University of York, where I was supervised by Stephen Donkin for my MMath project. It was in this supervision period that I was first introduced to the theory of algebraic groups.


As is customary amongst mathematicians I include a small list of other mathematicians who I like to keep track of. Note that this list is in alphabetical order and does not adhere to any kind of absurd ranking system.

Cédric Bonnafé, Chris Bowman, Olivier Brunat, Olivier Dudas, Meinolf Geck, Thomas Gerber, Eugenio Giannelli, Simon Goodwin, Gerhard Hiss, Frank Lübeck, Gunter Malle, Amanda Schaeffer Fry, Ulrich Thiel.