Madhav Kaushish

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona

Member, ThinQ


Office: ENR2 S390AA

Area of Interest: Developing educational materials to get students to think like mathematicians, as well as academics in general.

Education: BA in Mathematics with High Honors, Oberlin College (2011), Graduate Student, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona

Some Learning Materials I've Made

Discrete Geometry

Straight Lines and Intersections: For Teachers, For Students

Classification of Shapes

Consecutive Numbers

Representing Numbers

Parallel Lines

Murder - Probability

Introduction to Probabilistic Thinking

Brussels Sprouts

Theoretical Anatomy (Early Draft)

Videos for ThinQ on Rational/Academic Inquiry

Introduction to Inquiry (Playlist)

Mathematical vs. Scientific Inquiry (Playlist)

Observational Scientific Inquiry (Playlist)

Mathematical Inquiry (Playlist)

Theoretical Scientific Inquiry (Playlist)

Conceptual Inquiry (Playlist)

Critical Thinking in Mathematics

Introduction to Historical Inquiry

Representational Systems (Playlist)

Theoretical Anatomy