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Title: On the action of Hecke operators on Drinfeld modular forms
Coauthor(s): Petrov, Aleksandar
Journal: J. Number Theory 137, 186--200
Title: Remarks on the Fourier coefficients of modular forms
Journal: J. Number Theory 132 no. 6, 1314--1336
Title: Ordinarity of Configuration Spaces and of Wonderful Compactifications
Journal: Documenta Mathematica 16, 669--676
Title: Infinite Hilbert class field towers from Galois representations
Coauthor(s): Mcleman, Cameron
Journal: Int. J. Number Theory 7 no. 1, 1--8
Title: Musings on  Q(1/4): arithmetic spin structures on elliptic curves
Journal: Math. Res. Lett. 17 no. 6, 1013--1028

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