SLOPE FIELD - Casio 9800

This program plots the slope field for the differential equation in the form ${\hbox{dy}\over \hbox{dx}}=\hbox{f(x,y)}$.
If you have not used one of the programs posted on this website before, you should read through the information in the Intro to Programming section first.

The Program
'SLOPEFIELD' {'   is in ALPHA} {This is the name of the program}
Cls {Cls is in SHIFT}
7 (Xmax-Xmin) 83 H        {Xmin, Xmax are in VAR under RNG} { is on the   ,   button}
7 (Ymax-Ymin) 55 K {Ymin, Ymax are in VAR under RNG}
1 (0.4H)^2 E { is the times sign}
1 (0.4K)^2 F
Xmin + 0.5H X
Ymin + 0.5K Z
Lbl 1 {Lbl is in PRGM under JMP}
Lbl 2
Y1T {Y1 is in VAR under GPH, then followed by a 1}
1 $\sqrt{}$ (E+F T^2) G {$\s\
qrt{}$ is square root}
Plot X-G, Y-S {Plot is in SHIFT}
Plot X+G, Y+S
Line {Line is in SHIFT}
Dsz J {Dsz is in PRGM under JMP}
Goto 2 {Goto is in PRGM under JMP}
Dsz L
Goto 1

Running the Program
You will need to enter a function  f(x,y) into Y1 and adjust the RANGE accordingly before running the program. To view the field after it is plotted use the GT button.