ConcepTests are questions designed to encourage interactions in the classroom about mathematical concepts. Pioneered by Eric Mazur for physics, they are now available for use in classes in chemistry, astronomy, and mathematics.

Harvard Websites

Project Galileo

Mazur Group

Peer Instruction: Results from a Range of Classrooms
Adam P. Fagen, Catherine H. Crouch, and Eric Mazur
Phys. Teach., 40, 206-209 (2002). (136 KB)

Peer Instruction: Ten Years of Experience and Results
Catherine H. Crouch and Eric Mazur

Am. J. Phys., 69, 970-977 (2001). (283 KB)

Cornell Websites

GoodQuestions Project

The GoodQuestions project seeks to improve calculus instruction by adapting two methods developed in physics instruction — ConcepTests and Just-in-Time-Teaching.GoodQuestions is a pedagogical strategy that aims to raise the visibility of the key concepts and to promote a more active learning environment.

Wiley Website

            ConcepTests available to instructors using Hughes Hallet “Caculus” at this website.

Other Papers

Using ConcepTests in Single and Multivariable Calculus
David O. Lomen and Maria K. Robinson
Proc. 16th Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Addison Wesley (2004)

Peer Instructions in Physics and Mathematics
Scott Pilzer
Primus, XI, 185-192 (2001)