Luther College B.A. Mathematics, Physics 1959
Iowa State University M.S. Mathematics 1962
Iowa State University Ph.D. Applied Mathematics 1964

1959(Spring Semester) Physics Lab Instructor, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa
1959-1963 Teaching Assistant, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
1960(Summer) Research Asst., Socony Mobil Oil Research Lab., Duncanville, Texas
1963-1966 Design Specialist, General Dynamics, Convair, San Diego, California
1964-1966 (1/4 time) Assistant Professor, San Diego State College
1966-1969 Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
1966-1975 Consultant, General Dynamics, Convair, San Diego, California
1967-1970 Consultant, Mel-Par Inc., Falls Church, Virginia
1969-1974 Associate Professor, University of Arizona
1970-1971 Consultant, Meloy Laboratories, Springfield, Virginia
1971-1972 Consultant, Unidev Inc., Huntsville, Alabama
1972 (Fall semester)  Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge, England
1974-     Professor, University of Arizona
1975-1978 Consultant, Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, California
1978 (Summer) Research Scientist, Agriculture Research Institute for Land and Water Management, Wageningen, The Netherlands
1980 (Spring semester) Visiting Professor, University of Oslo, Norway
1981-1985 Consultant, Control Data Corp., Minneapolis, Minnesota
1982-1983 Consultant, Office of Computer Based Instruction, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware
1984      (Summer) Research Professor, University of Oslo, Norway
1990      Professor, Harvard University Summer School, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1994      (Spring) Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge, England


Research Interests: Modeling of Water and Solute Movement in Soils; Modeling Physiological Processes; Design of Mathematics Courses using Microcomputers; Design of Mathematical Software; Using ConceptTests as a Discovery Learning Technique.



2001 "The Effect of Computers on the Teaching of Mathematics" International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematics to Science and Engineering Students - Mexico City

2000 "Trends in Teaching Mathematics to Engineers" International Conference on the Role of Science and Mathematics in Engineering Education - Acapulco, Mexico

1997 "Transition from Ordinary Assessment" Mid-Atlantic Conference on Assessment in Mathematics, Washington D.C..

1997 "New Ways of Teaching Differential Equations" Conference on Innovations in Mathematics Teaching, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

1997 "Reasoning vs Drill: Pencils vs TI92 - What is the Proper Balance" Honors Day Address, NAU, Flagstaff

1996 "Models of Bio-Heat Transfer" University of Montana, Missoula

1996 "Differential Equations in the Year 2000" Special Session on the Teaching of Differential Equations, AMS/MAA National Meeting, Orlando

1995 "Technology in Differential Equations: Friend or Foe?" 8th Annual International Conference on the Use of Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics, Houston

1995 "Student Projects in a First Course in Differential Equations" Special Session on the Teaching of Ordinary Differential Equations" AMS/MAA annual meeting, San Francisco

1993 "A Response To 20 Questions That Deans Should Ask Their Mathematics Departments" State of Montana's select committee on improving Math & Science Education, Butte

1993 "Reworking the Education Formula: Math First", Phi Beta Kappa Lecture, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa



University of Arizona

Have served on over 150 departmental committees and 125 college and university committees.

Founding Member, Program in Applied Mathematics
Founding Member, Division of Learning and Assessment
Inaugurated current Engineering Mathematics degree in 1972

Served as an adviser/mentor/source of recommendations for pre-medical, pre-dental students since 1977.

Departmental coordinator for the "Professional Internship Program for Gifted and Talented High School Students" - have supervised 17 students in this program in individual study projects.

Referee for fourteen different research and educational journals.

Reviewer for proposals for the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, Department of Education, and the Army Research Office.

Book reviewer for eight different publishers

Treasurer and Board of Directors - Calculus Consortium for Higher Education

Board of Directors - Mathematics Consortium Working Group

Board of Directors - Luther College Alumni Council

1981-1985 One of five members of Control Data's 'Editorial Review Board' for Calculus.  This board was responsible for development of five courses delivered by an interactive computer.

1993-1998  Chair of the National Advisory Committee to the State of Montana's five million dollar NSF grant to improve math and science education

1998-2003  Chair of the National Advisory Committee to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico's five million dollar NSF grant to improve math and science education.

1990-     Have given over three dozen workshops to high school and college teachers in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Europe on teaching using technology, the discovery method, interactive calculus and differential equations, and Advanced Placement Calculus.