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Spring 2017

Welcome to Math 105

Math in Modern Society



Brief Description: This course shows how mathematics, including some of the mathematics learned in high school and some mathematics which is different from what was learned in high school, can be applied to practical situations.  Topics covered are chosen on the basis of applicability, accessibility to students with a limited mathematical background, and use of relative new mathematical techniques.  The topics include money management, statistics, elections, networks and traveling salesman problems.  Among the applications covered one might see how the site of the Olympic Games is chosen, how the voting is done to select a movie to win an Academy Award, how the lending process is done when purchasing a house, and how statistical data can be collected and used to mislead the public.  The course is designed for students majoring in disciplines that require little or no additional mathematics or mathematics related classes.

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Students need to have a least a scientific calculator.  A graphing calculator is also acceptable.

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