Math Cats

Top Five Reasons for YOU to join Math Cats
You want to learn about careers relating to math/science/engineering.
You want access to our test bank.
You want to get involved with your university and start building your resume.
You hate math. (not a requirement)
You like math. (not a requirement)

Well, if the "You" in any of the previous reasons describes YOU, then join the Math Cats!  Math Cats is a great club here at the U of A and is looking for enthusiastic members.  Let 
Heather McLaughlin know what day/time would be good for meetings (for you).  If you need any additional information, freel free to contact Heather McLaughlin or Kate Sebby via email.

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If you have any questions regarding the Math Club, please send an email to Kate Sebby or Heather McLaughlin.

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