About Us
Justin Dahlgren, President
Making MathCats reach new levels of success and expectations are my goals and I highly encourage anyone and everyone to talk to me about ideas, issues, or suggestions with the club. My email is and I welcome you all to contact me. A little bit about myself is that I am a Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics (Differential Equations Option) double major and will be graduating in May of 2014. In my spare time I am huge on sports and movies, but I wouldn't even know where to begin with them. My interests in sports range from MMA to football to soccer. Again, movies follow the same suit and I will watch almost any movie once. If you have any other questions or want to talk to me about anything at all, I encourage you to take the step and contact me. Let's make this an amazing year!
Rachel Barroso, Stand-In VP for Event Coordination and Science Ambassadors Liason
Hey Y'all! I am a Honors double major in Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering with the intension of pursuing a career in industry once I complete my undergraduate experience. Once upon a time I considered myself artsy and loved painting, my piano, and putting on theatrical productions. Since college started, I've had barely enough time for homework and a few recreational events, so I took up biking and hiking with my fiancÚ. I have a slight obsession with Queen and would spend all of my weekends cooking and dancing to my Pandora Radio stations if I had the choice. As a final hurrah and a tribute to my grand-dad: Education, Education, Education!
Austin Antoniou, MathCats VP of Education
I'm a junior majoring in Math with the comprehensive option and minoring in Linguistics.  I've taken a decent variety of math classes and have enjoyed all of them.  My eventual plan is to do research in some area of mathematics after a few years of graduate school).  In addition to pursuing my own math education, I have also been a tutor and a TA for several math classes here at the university.  Outside of studying, I spend a great deal of time listening to and writing music.
Matt Gietl, MathCats VP of Public Relations
Hey, I'm a freshman majoring in Mathematics here at UA. I'm really a fan of pure math so I'm going with the comprehensive option here. I'm interested in going to graduate school, and from there doing some form of mathematics research. I have math books that I go through for fun. I like playing sports with friends, especially a game called League of Legends. (That counts as a sport... right?) I enjoy reading, although I don't have much time for that as I'd like to have.
Shan Ji, Treasurer
Hello MathCats! I am studying mathematics with concentration on Business and Economics. As the treasure of our club, I am in charge of ensuring the financial integrity. Your support help us to grow, and to be involved with us, you will find the beauty of math!
Katie Reynolds, Secretary
Hey, I'm a sophomore studying chemical engineering and math. Besides doing homework and being in MathCats, I spend my time volunteering with the Tutoring and Red Cross clubs, hanging out with my friends, reading great books, baking cookies, watching Netflix, and generally being awesome.