University of Arizona

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Meeting times and venue:
1st & 3rd Thursdays of every month at 5 PM in Math 501

Undergraduates interested in mathematics are encouraged to join us. You don't have to be a math major, and new members are always welcome! We focus on outreach to the community, sharing our passions for math, engaging in mathematics lectures and demonstrations, and providing tutoring to other students.

Our Objectives

  • 1

    Further our understanding of mathematics concepts and its applications by the following:

    Participating in student-led research groups
    Assisting in MathCats projects and activities
    Actively learning and presenting material.
  • 2

    Increase our chances of success by attending resume-building workshops, gaining information regarding available internships/jobs, and networking.

  • 3

    Provide tutoring services to a full spectrum of students (elementary, high school, and university-level).

  • 4

    Outreach to individuals in need of foundational math skills by partnering with Iskashitaa Refugee Network.

  • Our members are encouraged to accomplish these objectives by focusing on improving our community and providing members access to plenty of activities in the areas of professional & academic development and volunteering.


In alignment with our objectives, here are some activities we've been involved with in the past:

Guest speaker seminars, problem-solving contests,
Resume workshops, mathematics research conference,
Game night, tutoring, and fundraising activities.

This year, we have plenty more planned, so make sure to stay updated through our weekly emails, on facebook, and our list of events.