Click to download the poster! April 5th-April 12th are the dates for Math Awareness Week at the University of Arizona. April is National Mathematics Awareness Month. This year the focus is on the contributions of mathematics to the understanding of our own genome. With the nearly complete human genome sequencing, we are coming to understand and solve many medical and biological problems. In fact, mathematics has contributed centrally to the interpretion and use of this new store of data. The purpose of MAW at the University of Arizona is to provide exhibits, activities, and events to help students and the public learn more about the mathematics in genome science and mathematics in the world today. Please visit the sites below for more information about the schedule for Math Awareness Week at the University of Arizona and other fascinating online information about math and the genome.

  • Our schedule of events, all of which are FREE, OPEN to the PUBLIC, and of INTEREST to a GENERAL AUDIENCE;
  • Our online exhibits page provide the abstracts of talks to be given during the week.;
  • Our links page provides online resources and websites which are related to genome;
  • The homepage of the National Mathematics Awareness Month 2002 coordinators.