Recent Mathematics Education Graduates

Ph.D. Graduates

Chantel Blackburn
Degree: December 2014
Dissertation: "Mathematics According to Whom? Two Elementary Teachers and Their Encounters with the Mathematical Horizon"
Advisors: Rebecca McGraw and Marcy Wood
Employer: Pacific Union College
Position: Assistant Professor

Priya Prasad
Degree: August 2014
Dissertation: "Connection, Motivation, & Alignment: Exploring the Effects of Content-Based Mathematics Professional Development"
Advisor: Rebecca McGraw
Employer: University of Texas - San Antonio
Position: Assistant Professor

Matt Thomas
Degree: August 2013
Dissertation: "Analyzing Conceptual Gains in Introductory Calculus with Interactively-Engaged Teaching Styles"
Advisor: Guadalupe Lozano
Employer: Ithaca College, Department of Mathematics
Position: Assistant Professor

Joshua Chesler
Degree: August 2009
Dissertation: "Interacting with Algebra: Mathematicians, Mathematics Educators, and Teachers Making Sense of Algebra Content"
Advisor: Rebecca McGraw
Employer: California State University, Long Beach
Position: Associate Professor

Anthony Fernandes
Degree: August 2007
Dissertation: "A Partnership between a Middle School Teacher and a Novice Mathematics Educator Centered around the Content"
Advisor: Peter Wiles
Employer: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Position: Associate Professor

Jason Belnap
Degree: May 2005
Dissertation: "Putting TAs into Context: Understanding the Graduate Mathematics TA"
Advisor: Marta Civil
Employer: University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Position: Assistant Professor

Katrina Piatek-Jimenez
Degree: August 2004
Dissertation: "Undergraduate Mathematics Stuents' Understanding of Mathematical Statements and Proofs"
Advisor: Marta Civil
Employer: Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Position: Professor

Jennifer Christian-Smith
Degree: May 2002
Dissertation: "An Investigation of Undergraduates' Understanding of Congruence of Integers."
Advisor: Marta Civil
Employer: St. Edward's University
Position: Adjunct Faculty

Scott Sakamoto
Degree: May 1999
Dissertation: "The Cranmer Abacus: Its Use in Teaching Mathematics to Students with Visual Impairments."
Advisor: Steve Willoughby

Edward Alexander
Degree: May 1997
Dissertation: "An Investigation of the Results of a Change in Calculus Instruction at The University of Arizona."
Advisor: Steve Willoughby
Employer: Retired

M.A/M.S Graduates

Jacob Tracy
Degree: MS, May 2011
Thesis: "What makes for Successful Online and Hybrid Mathematics Classes?"
Advisor: Robert Indik

Sadie Bell
Degree: MA, December 2010
Thesis: "Analysis of Tutor/Student Interactions: The Aprenda Experience."
Advisor: Rebecca McGraw

Gabriela Dumitrascu
Degree: MS, May 2009
Thesis: "Mathematical and Didactical Analysis of the Concept of Function in American, French, and Romanian Algebra Textbooks."
Advisor: William McCallum

Makyla Hays
Degree: MA, August 2008
Thesis: "An Investigation of College Algebra Students' Understanding of Fractions."
Advisor: Rebecca McGraw

Jennifer Leahy
Degree: MS, May 2008
Thesis: "Mathematical identity of students enrolled in an accelerated mathematics and connected mathematics class."
Advisor: Marta Civil

Wieke de Boer
Degree: MS, August 2007
Thesis: "The role of definitions in mathematics."
Advisor: Rebecca McGraw

Donna Harris
Degree: MS, December 2006
Thesis: "The Role of General Education Mathematics Courses in Fulfilling the Goals of the University."
Advisor: Rebecca McGraw

Michael Heerey
Degree: MA, December 2004
Thesis: "Developing Logical Skills Using Mathematical Games: A Study of High School Students."
Advisor: Fred Stevenson

Julio Melendez-Morales
Degree: MS, May 2002
Thesis: "A study on validation of mathematical proof with parents as adult learners."
Advisor: Marta Civil
Employer: Gulliver Preparatory, Miami, FL
Position: High School Mathematics Teacher

Debra Wood
Degree: MA, May 2002
Thesis: "The Impact of Reform Calculus at the University of Arizona."
Advisor: Deborah Hughes Hallet
Employer: The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Position: Adjunct Instructor

Rebecca Hailey
Degree: MA, May 2001
Thesis: "Projects in the Clasroom: Helpful or Extra Work."
Advisor: Marta Civil

Laura Kondek
Degree: MA, August 2000
Thesis: "The Effects of Using Mathematical Games on Students' Logical Thinking."
Advisor: Marta Civil
Employer: University of Michigan - Flint
Position: Assistant Professor

Rebecca Lamkin
Degree: MS, May 2000
Thesis: "The Effective Use of Graphing Calculators as Problem-Solving Devices."
Advisor: Marta Civil
Employer: Raytheon