Frontiers in Nonlinear Waves
in honor of Vladimir Zakharov's 70th birthday
March 26–29, 2010
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA

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Conference Program

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Friday March 26, 11:45–12:35

Solar Energy from Space. Power beaming and Self-focusing in Atmosphere
Alexander Rubenchik
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA
Harvesting solar energy in space and power beaming the collected energy to a receiver station on Earth is a very attractive way to help solve mankind’s current energy and environmental problems. We consider the laser based system for the energy transportation from Space to ground. The modern advance in optical technology makes such a system viable in nearest future. We will present the design of the future system.

We propose to exploit a self-focusing effect in the atmosphere to assist delivering powerful laser beams from orbit to the ground. We demonstrate through numerical modelling that if the self-focusing length is comparable with the atmosphere height the self-focusing can reduce the spot size on the ground well below the diffraction limited one without beam quality degradation. The use of light self-focusing in the atmosphere can greatly relax the requirements for the orbital optics and ground receivers.

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