University of Arizona


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Conference Papers

  1. Rahul Bhadani, Jonathan Sprinkle, Matthew Bunting. "The CAT Vehicle Testbed: A Simulator with Hardware in the Loop for Autonomous Vehicle Applications". Proceedings 2nd International Workshop on Safe Control of Autonomous Vehicles (SCAV 2018), Porto, Portugal, 10th April 2018, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 269, pp. 32–47. Download
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Conference Talk and Poster Presentation

  1. Analysis and Design of Velocity Controllers for dissipation of Stop-and-Go Traffic Waves. SIAM Annual Meeting at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 2017.
  2. Control of Vehicular Traffic Flow via Low Density Autonomous Vehicle. 8th Annual NSF CPS PI, Alexandria, VA, Nov 13th-14th 2017.