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Preparation for Prospective Teachers

The Secondary Mathematics Education Program in the Department of Mathematics at The University of Arizona prepares individuals who will join the teaching profession as reflective practitioners.

Students who complete the program, graduate from the UA, and pass required content and pedagogy exams through the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) are certified to teach mathematics in grades 7 through 12 in the state of Arizona.

B.A. or B.S. in Mathematics

Students who successfully complete the program graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in mathematics from the College of Science with a major in mathematics. The Education Option is one of the options available for a major in mathematics. Students pursuing the Education Option take courses, beyond the General Education requirements, in two areas: (1) Mathematics and (2) Teaching and Learning Mathematics. 

Active Learning

The courses in Teaching and Learning and in Mathematics engage students as learners through an inquiry-based approach. Students are given opportunities to experience and reflect upon the benefits of being active learners in constructing their own understanding of content, be it mathematical or educational.