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This web page is an employment resource for math and applied math graduate students at the University of Arizona. This site does not attempt to list the breadth of potential employers, but tries to provide links to sites that provide other useful employment information, including databases of job postings.

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On-Campus Resources

Career Services is the main on-campus employment resource. Located in Old Main, they offer workshops in resume writing, interviewing, and searching for jobs and will critique resumes and offer mock interviews. They have a library with all types of career books and company information, as well as an online database of employers. They sponser several events during the year including the 3-day career fair in the fall. Perhaps most importantly, they offer on-campus interviewing. Note: definitely check out the "Career Search" Link on their website.

The drawback with Career Services is that they're mainly concerned with finding jobs for undergraduates. Some companies interview on-campus for master's students, a few for Ph.D.s. Still, their services can be very useful and are available to all students.

Certain colleges provide additional career resources. For example, there are separate career fairs with emphases on engineering, education, and business. I found online career resources for the College of Engineering and Mines and the Eller College of Business and Public Administration.


Professional Societies

Professional societies, such as AMS and SIAM, often offer good career-related resources, and are usually aimed more at graduates with Ph.D.s. Many societies have job postings both on their websites and in their newsletters. For math students, AMS probably has the most resources, with a database of job postings, articles on finding employment, and an electronic coversheet service for applying for academic jobs. The Mathematical Sciences Career Information page has resources for mathematicians looking for nonacademic jobs. Finally, the AWM website is chock-full of useful links. If your field of study intersects with another (physics, biology, engineering, ...), be sure to check the websites of the societies of that field as well


Research Centers and Institutions

Research centers are often a good source of employment for recent graduates. Post-doc positions there are usually productive and well-funded and can transition someone from grad school to academic or non-academic positions. Here we only list a few institutions that do mathematical research; be sure to learn where work in your field of interest is done.


Other Useful Sites

There is a huge number of career-related websites, and different sites may be more suitable for your job search depending on your interests and criteria. The following list contains general sites and sites that may have particular interest for math students.

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