Coursework Requirements

We are required to take a total of 43 credits by our program, of which 20 credits are the required core courses we take during our first year. In addition, we are required to take 15 graduate credits outside of the Mathematics department. In addition, the Graduate College requires that we take 18 credits of Dissertation (Math 920).

Coursework Completed To Date

Fall 1994
Course #Course TitleInstructor
Math 527APrinciples of AnalysisDr. Aaaa
Math 575ANumerical AnalysisDr. Bbbb
Math 583APrinciples and Methods of Applied Analysis Dr. Ccccb
Math 586Case Studies in Applied Mathematics Dr. Dddd

Spring 1995
Course #Course TitleInstructor
Math 527BPrinciples of AnalysisDr. Aaaa
Math 575BNumerical AnalysisDr. Bbbb
Math 583BPrinciples and Methods of Applied Analysis Dr. Ccccb
Math 586 Case Studies in Applied Mathematics Dr. Dddd

Fall 1995
Course #Course TitleInstructor
Math 511AModern AlgebraDr. Eeee
Math 523AReal AnalysisDr. Ffff
Math 534ATopology-GeometryDr. Gggg

Spring 1996
Course #Course TitleInstructor
Math 511BModern AlgebraDr. Eeee
Math 523BReal Analysis Dr. Ffff
Math 534BTopology-GeometryDr. Gggg

Fall 1996
Course #Course TitleInstructor
Math 568Applied Stochastic ProcessesDr. Hhhh
Math 587Perturbation Methods in Applied Mathematics Dr. Iiii
Math 599Independent StudyDr. Jjjj

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