Creating Your Own HomePage

Here we describe 3 methods by which you can create your own homepage:

How to Download this Sample HomePage

The sample homepage and its supporting files have been stored in a tar file called sample_homepage.tar for easy transfer/set-up. Here is the link to download the files.

If you click on the above link another menu will pop up. Here you specify where the tar file is to be saved. Remember to save it in your pub_http_internet directory.

Note: if you already have a home page that you want too keep, save this file in a subdirectory of pub_http_internet. Oherwise unpacking of this .tar file could overwrite your original home page files!

After you have downloaded the file sample_homepage.tar , get back to the Unix prompt, and type

$ cd ~/pub_http_internet
$ tar xvf sample_homepage.tar

You need to check and make sure that the relevant directory and file protections are set so that they are world-readable, i.e., accessible to the web. You can view the protections with the ls -l command. For starters,

need to be world-executable. This allows the web browser to access you materials without allowing others to look at all the files inside your directory.

You can use the chmod command (see man page for more details) to do this.

Remember that for any subsequent files, images, or subdirectories you create in your public_html directory, you also need to set their protections accordingly. For instance, to change the protections on a file called test.html so that it is readable from your web page link, again use the chmod command:

$ chmod og+r ~/pub_http_internet/test.html

For example, your protections should look like (using ls -l)

drwx--x--x 28 rao          1536 Nov  1 15:39 rao/
drwx--x--x  2 rao          1024 Oct 28 20:15 pub_http_internet/
-rw-r--r--  1 rao           657 Oct 28 20:15 pub_http_internet/index.html

Note: If the protections anywhere along the line are not set to world-readable, you will encounter the following error:

403 Forbidden

Your client does not have permission to get URL etc. etc. from this server.

This is a common error that is often encountered when first setting up web pages; just check the permissions on whatever it is you are attempting to access.

Now you are ready to try out your new sample homepage!

Your new homepage on the math department system can be accessed with a web browser (from anywhere) via the following URL:

Jump right in and edit/change the corresponding *.html files to fit your specifications. Have fun with it! You can also go ahead and delete the original sample_homepage.tar file if you don't need it any more.

Creating Your Own HomePage from Scratch

If you wish to start from scratch, the basic homepage set-up requires the following:

HomePages Via CCIT

If you so desire, you can create a homepage via CCIT. They follow essentially the same procedure and format.

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