Tova Brown

Mathematics Graduate Student
University of Arizona
Photo of me

Welcome to my home page!

I am a fifth year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona. My research is in the field of analytic combinatorics and random matrix theory, under the direction of Nicholas Ercolani. In Spring 2015 I am teaching Calculus 1.

I did my undergraduate at Bethany Lutheran College in Minnesota, a double major in math and theatre. For my K-12 education, I was homeschooled by my brave, amazing parents. I've loved learning the whole way through and I hope to some day be a knowledgeable and inspiring professor.

I met my husband, also a grad student, in Tucson. We enjoy frequent study dates together. We also do things for fun: hiking, biking, cooking, traveling. We are heavily involved in U of A's Graduate Christian Fellowship and at Faith Lutheran Church.