This program provides undergraduate math majors the opportunity to learn about mathematics research by working with a faculty advisor on a research project. Duties include solving mathematical problems and writing a final report for web publication. Program participants, called undergraduate research assistants, get paid up to $1500.00 per semester (at $8.50/hour).

There is also support available for one or two months of summer research ($1250 per month). Finally, support to cover travel expenses to undergraduate research conferences is also available.

To learn more about the program and to apply, keep reading below, then explore all the links to the left associated with this URA Program website.

To learn more about the program and to apply, please see the URA Website.

Examples of what other URAs have done

The best way to learn about the activities of past URAs is to check out the participants list, which has links to proposals, reports, or sometimes even entire project websites.

Quick overview of how it all works

Program History

The URA Program was created in Fall 1996 by William McCallum, who was Associate Head for Undergraduate Studies at that time. Robert Indik was the URA Program Coordinator until 2009, at which time Moysey Brio became URA Program Coordinator. URA activities have increased since 2000 under the support of the VIGRE Grant.

Program Coordinators