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Ok ... so it's not very exciting yet. (but it will be sometime in the near future)

I spent the summer of '96 working at the Geometry Center in Minneapolis, Minn. I was on a project whose goal was to approximate, compute and visualize geometric structures related to special periodic orbits in the Earth-Sun system. Toward this goal my partner, Molly Megraw, and myself, with the assistance of our two (outstanding) team leaders, Bob Thurman and Patrick Worfolk produced some useful visualization software for the visualization of halo orbits. Included among these tools are modules to the Dynamical Systems software DSTool which compute periodic halo orbits in the Circular Restricted Three Body Problem, and approximations to their stable and unstable manifolds. If you are interested in such things I urge you to check out my dynaimcs pages:

I am currently a math major at the University of Arizona (if you can beleive that). Here's a link to my department. I am currently a senior, with asperations of graduate school dancing in my head. As you might guess I'm interested in dynamics, but I'm sure that there are other areas of mathematics which might appeal to me if I got aquainted with them. If you have a suggestion as to a particular area of mathematics I should apply myself, I'd appreciate a piece of mail.

If you're like me you probably like Star Control2 . Here we see my favorite ship, the Supox, being pummuled by the Ur-Quan (apparently the Supox is being piloted by an inexperienced rookie). If you are an inexperienced rookie, and need pointers in handling the Supox, or any other ship, I suggest you *Enjoy the Sauce*, the rediculously complete Starcon melee companion. Star Control3 is coming soon ... and many of my cohorts are giddy like little school girls.

While you're here, check out my friend Noah's page and play with some fun interactive fractal programs. Beware though; we don't call him machine killer for nothing!

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