Penrose Nets from Physical Models

The following applet demonstrates a way to recover Penrose related tilings from a simple diffraction pattern. This method will hopefully allow us to connect the phenomena of quasipatterns which arise in certain nonlinear partial differential equations with aperiodic tilings of the plane.

New Field: produces a new diffraction pattern. The unlabeled slider above allows you to adjust the scale of the pattern. Press this button first.

Draw Extrema: draws the maxima and minima of the density function.

Color Slider: by adjusting the color range one can see level sets of the density function. The color range is adjusted by draging the ends of the orange arrow.

Apply Color: applies the new color range to the current field.

This applet is very much dependent on the speed of your machine. It is a research tool and not necessarily meant for the general public. I do not discourage your use of it, just beware it may bog down your machine!!